A blindfold and hugs from strangers. It’s about trust. Would you or wouldn’t you?

When this girl stands on a beach waiting for hugs, these people respond in the best way. Would you be this brave? Do you trust this much?

How much do you trust people – including strangers?

Would you stand on a beach, blindfolded, with arms outstretched waiting for hugs from complete strangers?

Jasirah does just this as she participates in a social experiment. She stands on a crowded beach wearing a blindfold. Leaning on her legs is a sign that says, “I trust you. Do you trust me? Let’s hug.” She stands with her arms outstretched, ready for an embrace for anyone willing to trust her.

Men, women and children give hugs. Some are individual hugs while some are group hugs. Some are quick hugs and some are longer embraces. Jasirah gets told she’s brave.

Watch “What happens when this man gives out ‘free hugs’ to strangers.”

Though this was a social experiment particularly about Australians trusting the Aboriginal people, we can all learn from this. Each of us are human beings, regardless of race, religion, geography, physical traits or opinions. We can all learn to love and trust each other. We can all learn to be a person that others can trust. Without trust, it’s difficult to build strong relationships and have a fulfilling life.

Sometimes trusting people can be hard, especially if bonds of trust have been broken in the past. Learning to trust again and getting over the hurt and betrayal can be really difficult. Forgiveness after trust is broken is not easy. Read these tips for learning to forgive even when you can’t trust that person again.

You don’t have to give out hugs to prove you trust people, but that’s one way to do it!

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for familyshare.com and does media reviews. Website: https://survivorshopeandhealing.wordpress.com/ for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: https://wendyejessen.wordpress.com Twitter: @WendyJessen