9 ugly things every wife does that drive her husband CRAZY

Number 3 sound familiar?

You may be the love of his life, but that does not mean he loves everything about you. There are certain things that you do that eat away at your husband, and the poor guy may be too afraid to tell you exactly how he feels.

Here are 9 things you do that drive your husband crazy:

1. You focus on image

It drives your husband crazy when you think you have to be the ideal image of a “perfect” wife. Remember to create a life that feels good on the inside, and not one that just looks good on the outside.

2. You lack self-confidence

Nothing drives your husband crazier than your inability to see and recognize the good within yourself. He loves you, and he knows you are beautiful, capable and strong. He loves to see you stand up for yourself. Your fear and doubts are discouraging and detrimental, not only to yourself, but to him as well.

3. You are addicted to having everything YOUR way

Not sharing the reigns with your husband is damaging to your marriage. Wives that constantly have to have things done their way often extinguish their husband’s desire to step up and take control of situations.

4. You quickly lose patience

He cannot read your mind. He doesn’t know what you need and when you need it unless you communicate. He wants to understand you, but he needs your help in order to do so. If something is bothering you or something has hurt your feelings, let him know. Expressing feelings and views with your spouse is helpful in creating a happy relationship.

5. You are obsessed with social media

No husband wants to be an Instagram-trophy husband. Constantly obsessing over having the prettiest, most perfect picture to post can be harmful to your relationship. Enjoy moments; snap a picture here and there, but remember to embrace your imperfect life. Remember who you are in a relationship with (hint: It’s not social media).

6. You have a ‘never satisfied’ attitude

A wife that cannot be satisfied or express gratitude will inevitably drive her husband crazy. A small thank you or act of appreciation goes a long way in a marriage.

When you feel burdened or overwhelmed by your daily routine, take a step back and try to find a small and simple thing to thank your husband for.

7. You are unable to accept a compliment

Your husband loves you and wants to compliment you and shower you with affection. It hurts his feelings when you constantly deny the worth he sees and so clearly wants to share.

8. You worry about unimportant things

So the dishes didn’t get emptied tonight; before getting upset and saying hurtful things about it, remember the bigger picture. You can always unload the dishes in the morning, but you can’t always control the effects your hurtful words have on your family members.

9. You lack security in your relationship

Nothing hurts your husband more than you not feeling secure in your relationship. Your man wants to make you feel safe, loved, trusted and needed. Let go of your doubts and find comfort in the man you chose to marry.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.