9 signs he’ll love you until the day he dies

Because what is love without forever?

Since the first day you two met, you’ve felt like this was special. There was just something different about him from all of the other guys, and that just made you fall a little bit more in love. He loves you better than any of the other guys you’ve ever dated combined. There’s clearly something there that hasn’t been there for any of your other relationships.

So, what does this all mean? Is he the one? Will he love you forever? One thing’s for sure – if he’s showing any of these nine signs, he’ll love you until the day he dies:

1. He doesn’t play mind games with you

He knows how he feels and he isn’t afraid to tell you he loves you. He isn’t afraid to tell anybody and everybody he knows that you’re the light and love of his life.

2. He’s happy to just be with you

There’s no one that can make his day like you can. Sure, he likes his friends, but you’ve got that extra special place in his heart.

3. You can reconcile after an argument

No relationship is ever perfect. But no matter how often you argue and after every little fight, you’re able to figure things out and reconcile. You can’t stay mad at each other very long because he’s the one for you.

4. He truly understands you

You thought your family or best friend knew every little thing about you, but he is the one who truly knows it all (even the ugly parts). He knows exactly who you are and he loves you all the more for it!

5. He wants you to be part of his family

He brings you home to meet the parents and the rest of his family, because he wants you to be part of his life, his world and most importantly, part of his family.

6. He’s your kind of romantic

He’s not romantic all the time, but he makes you feel like a queen when he’s your right type of romantic whether that’s bringing flowers or hugging you in just the right moment.

7. You matter to him the most

You’re the woman of his dreams and no other woman matters (maybe except his mom and sisters. They’re important too.) You find him pushing his hobbies to the side just a bit so he can spend more time with you.

8. He talks about a future with you

If his future plans involve you, chances are he’s very much in love. You catch him saying things like “in 50 years, we’ll have to do that ” or “I”ll take you there once we’re married”. He wants you to be a part of the rest of his life – and he’s in it until the day he dies.

9. He can’t imagine life without you

He loves you so much, that a life without you just wouldn’t be a life at all.

Callie Hansen

Callie has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communication and when she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Some of her favorite things include Harry Potter, all things Disney, road trips, and telling stories.