9 house cleaning memes that prove the struggle is real

Do you have the house cleaning blues? Cheer up and have a laugh with these Instagram posts about cleaning.

If you love a clean house, raise your hand! If you love cleaning your house, keep your hand up. Oh, I see. There’s like two of you out there who love cleaning house.

Well, for the rest of us, we might wonder if cleaning is worth it, or if it’s all overrated. I mean, obviously, we need to keep the house sanitary, but does it have to look like a model home every minute of the day?

While you’re avoiding cleaning your house, enjoy these spot-on house cleaning memes:

1. Your house could be worse

2. Wait for spring to be over so you can wait until next year

Day 3 of #mystylephotochallenge – spring cleaning. No chance of that today after a busy weekend! Maybe next year… ?

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3. Anyone else’s kids ask who’s coming over when you ask them to help clean up?

4. Kids: “Whoa, this room is clean. We must remedy that.”

We can dream, right? ?

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5. You’ve been warned

Never! #Cleaning, #CleaningTime, #Ick #Meme, #Funny, #CleaningMeme, #DontDoIt

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6. The constant battle

7. In case someone shows up unannounced

Happy Friday!

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8. So basically, have a kitchen for show

9. Now this is just crazy

Whoa whoa whoa…

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If you now feel motivated to clean, get to it. If you feel justified in not cleaning, right on. Just do the basics so your house isn’t a health hazard, deal?

Wendy Jessen

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