8 indescribable emotions you’ve only felt if you’re deeply attached to your spouse

Here are the insanely unique words to describe those feelings that words can't describe.

Emotions are usually not easy things to express (especially for us guys), but you’ve got the standard sad, excited, angryand happydown pretty well.

Here are 8 emotions you’ve probably felt with your spouse but have never really had the ability to express with a specific term. This list will remedy that. These terms are taken from a genius website called The Dictionary of Obscure Woes, invented by John Koenig, and are applied to emotions you’ve probably felt with your husband or wife.

Here’s the list:


What it feels like to see your spouse again after a long absence.

It could be years or it could be for the span of a workday. They return and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with this feeling that makes you wonder how you were ever able to be happy without them. You instantly conclude that as long as your husband or wife is there with you, life will turn out OK.


The feeling that despite all your frail attempts to slow things down, time just keeps speeding up.

Your marriage and the lives of your children are maturing before your very eyes. Like the unnerving rumble of an out of control freight train, time continues to rush past while you’re left desperately leaning out the window, looking backwards, trying to savor the retreating vistas.


The feeling you get when you look deeply into someone’s eyes, almost boring into their very soul.

Suddenly they’re no longer just eyes, but trapdoors revealing more about that person than words could ever do justice. Time becomes relative as you feel like you’ve gained access to someone only the owner of the eyes has ever seen.

Ecstatic Shock

That rare feeling you get when you suddenly see the person you love.

It starts as a pulse of energetic happiness in the pit of your stomach and continues on to diffuse throughout the rest of your body, like you’ve been struck in the gut by a bolt of beautiful lightning.


This emotion, created by Karen Josephine, describes the feeling you get when you realize that despite knowing someone for years and years, that person still has their own personal life.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never fully know everything about that life. Something about that person will always remain tucked away, out of sight, in some dusty corner in the attic of their soul. You feel an impossible jealousy of that attic’s tired walls.


This feeling describes the impatience you feel when you reallywant to get to know someone, and fast.

You go through the motions of small talk but are desperate to get down to the raw meat of their life. You want to understand what makes them tick without the superficial obligation of knowing, for example, what their favorite color is. You probably felt this as you started to fall in love with your spouse for the first time and realized you wanted to spend every minute with them, just to talk.


Describes the lenses through which you view many of those you love.

Backmasking occurs when you forever view your significant other just as you did during the early days of your relationship. You see them as the youthful, energetic person they were. These lenses overlap, as it were, the current version of your significant other (for better or worse).

Dream Fever

The intense warmth you feel when you’re in contact with the skin of someone who’s asleep.

Despite the person’s complete unconsciousness, dream fever is a reminder that you’re not alone. When this occurs with a loved one, it’s a soothing and energizing feeling. If this occurs with a stranger, well, that’s just creepy and you should probably just let the poor person sleep in peace.

David Snell

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