8 characteristics of an irresistible wife

All irresistible wives have these 8 characteristics in common.

What makes a wife irresistible? Hint, it has nothing to do with her physical features.

When a real man looks to devote the rest of his life to the woman he loves, he is not looking at the woman’s body, her weight, hair color and apparel. He is looking for a woman that he cannot stand being apart from. He is looking for his best friend.

An irresistible wife not only holds her husband’s hand but his heart as well. So what sets apart the good wives from the irresistible ones? Here are eight characteristics all irresistible wives have in common.

Constant forgiveness

Husbands can be careless, inconsiderate, dirty and lazy at times. But an irresistible wife is able to love him when he is not very lovable. She recognizes his negative habits, his weaknesses, shortcomings and inconsiderate actions and helps him become a better person because of them.


An irresistible wife can take what is thrown at her and make the best of her current situation. Life is filled with unexpected curveballs, and if we are not paying attention they can knock us off our feet. A wife that can adapt to new and challenging circumstances is irresistible because she can find a center of stability in a storm of chaos.

Selfless service

An irresistible wife is selfless. She is willing to give her time and energy to anyone and everyone in need. She is able to see the good in everyone she meets and is willing to do whatever it takes to cheer up those around her. She talks to her mother and grandmother often. She checks up on her husband and kids throughout the day and she always leaves a person happier than how she found them.


A man loves a woman who can stand strong on her own. Being a strong and independent woman is a strength not a weakness in a marriage. A woman who can stand up for herself as well as for others is irresistible.

Disciplined yet balanced

A truly irresistible wife is disciplined and driven in all endeavors of her life. She is active and healthy yet is happy to munch on late night donuts with you. She is strict on enforcing your children’s curfew, but knows how to be the ‘cool’ mom on occasion. She stands firm in her moral resolve and is the family’s exemplar of strength and control.


An irresistible wife never cheats. She saves her thoughts and feelings for her husband and expects the same devotion in return. She loves you.


A strong and irresistible woman is not afraid to take the lead. She is able to put her multi-tasking skills to the test to provide a unique perspective that can help problem solve life’s roadblocks.

Simply Happy

A wife that finds joy in the simple things is irresistible. The bear hugs from your children, your kiss on her hand, and getting to wear her new lipstick on date night are all simple pleasures she indulges in. She is happy in her own skin and loves the life she has worked so hard to build.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.