7 perfect gift ideas that let your wife know you love her

Finding the perfect gift for your wife can be difficult. Be sure to take advantage of these seven fail-proof ideas.

Your wife is the most important person in your life and finding her a gift that says how much you love her can be difficult.

In your quest to love and honor your sweetheart, here are seven gift ideas to help make the process a little easier:

1. Framed pictures

Every couple has spontaneous, romantic pictures and cute, goofy selfies. Print out and frame some of your favorite shots. Place them in your home where your wife will see them every day: the wall in your bedroom, on a nightstand or in the living room. It is the perfect way to display some of the priceless memories you share together. It’s also a great way to add a cute, personal touch to any home décor.

2. A weekend getaway

Take a spontaneous trip to a nearby town or even jump on a plane and travel to a city you have never been before. Private getways are the perfect opportunity to spend time together, reconnect and take a break from the everyday routine. Give your wife your undivided attention on the trip, and use your cellphone only when taking selfies with picturesque backgrounds.

3. Jewelry

Whether it is a diamond necklace or a simple pair of earrings, women love when their man presents them with bling. Giving your wife something special that she can wear every day or for a special occasion helps remind her that she means so much to you and that you are always there for her.

4. Little acts of kindness

Nothing has a bigger impact on your wife’s life than simple everyday acts of kindness. This could be anything from emptying and loading the dishwasher without being asked to making the bed. Complimenting her on how she looks, kissing her to say good-bye and hello and saying “I love you” every morning and night will let her know that she is your No. 1 priority. Look to serve her every day, and try to make her days a little easier.

5. Special meal for two

Taking a break in the middle of a hectic week to share a meal just for the two of you can add a spark to your romance. Take her to her favorite restaurant or set aside the time to make her favorite home cooked meal. Even if you are not a master chef, she will appreciate the effort. To make it even more fun and romantic, try cooking a new recipe together.

6. Love notes

Writing down the reasons why you love your wife will reaffirm your love for her. It is something tangible she can always look at to help her through days when she doesn’t feel confident or beautiful.

Be creative! You could write one-liners about her and cut them into little strips and glue them to the tops of pages of a brand new journal. Maybe even write little notes on Post-its and place them on the bathroom mirror. No matter how you do it, she will appreciate your effort to remind her how special she is to you.

7. Fresh flowers

Flowers can make any ordinary day special. Try to choose flowers that are meaningful to your wife. For example, it could be buying a dozen red roses with a single white rose that represents that she is the purest, most perfect thing in your life.

Even if you don’t have $50 to spend on a huge bouquet of flowers, a simple wild flower from the side of the road will prove to her that you spent a moment trying to make her day brighter. This simple act will show to her that you truly do love her.

Jessica Blain

Jessica is a social media coordinator for The Younique Foundation. Volunteering for non-profit organizations, traveling to different places and trying new things is what she lives for.