6 things about your relationship that you shouldn’t tell your friends

Friends or your man? This isn’t a choice you should have to make, but if you are doing any of these six things, you are putting your friends before your love.

A relationship is between two people, not two people and their friends. Unless you want your relationship to struggle, you shouldn’t tell your friends these six things about your relationship:

1. His secrets

This is a simple one. If he trusts you not to tell anyone what he’s saying, or you get a feeling that he’s confiding in you, don’t repeat his words to your friends. There’s a reason why he told you, not them. Telling your friends will harm his faith in you, and no healthy relationship will last without trust.

2. Your bedroom experience

If you’re concerned about your intimate moments with him, keep it between the two of you. What happens in the bedroom is strictly between you and him. Your friends don’t need to hear a detailed discussion about what happened last night with your husband. Respect your relationship and avoid discussing private details with your friends.

3. Financial difficulties

Your friends don’t need to know about your financial troubles. If you’re worried, express your concerns to your husband and work together to find a solution. If you need further enlightenment, confide in someone you trust like a family member or a close friend. Just be sure to keep your financial problems away from the public eye.

4. His family problems

Your friends don’t need to know his family is going through a rough patch or if his family cut him off. It he has family troubles, keep it between you two and the family. If it’s a serious situation and you need advice, talk with him first and if it still isn’t resolved, confide in someone you trust. Your spouse’s family drama isn’t for everyone else’s ears.

5. Your arguments

All couples argue – often over petty problems. Don’t tell your friends about every argument. Instead, tell your friends how amazing your man is. Tell them how he forgives your mistakes and supports you in your decisions. Sometimes confiding in a friend will help you work through turbulence in your relationship, but keep disagreements between you and your husband most of the time.

6. His past relationships

His past should stay in the past. Don’t allow your friends to ridicule your man because of women he dated in the past. What matters most is that he is with you now. If an ex shows up out of the blue, you might need your friends’ emotional support, but they don’t need to know your man’s entire backstory.

You need to build trust if you want your relationship to last, this includes keeping certain aspects strictly between you and your man. Friends might ask for more details about your relationship, but don’t let them bully you into sharing details about private matters. You have to make the choice to stay silent, or potentially harm your relationship.

Stacie Simpson

Stacie Simpson is a FamilyShare staff writer. She loves listening to, gathering and sharing stories and advice to help others improve their quality of life. She spends most of her free time with her husband, ballroom dancing, reading and writing.