6 qualities that men fall for EVERY time

Here's the secret to making sure he goes crazy for YOU.

You love him. That guy in the coffee shop, your co-worker, your best friend or even your husband. But he doesn’t see you.

And that doesn’t make sense. You’re flipping amazing. What is he looking for that you don’t have?

He may not be able to put his finger on it, but he’s actually looking for six specific things. Here are the traits that make men fall head over heels, EVERY time:

1. Individuality

Do you want to know the secret to making a man fall for you? You have to make him realize that there’s no one like you. Once he realizes that you are uniquely extraordinary – he will know that he needs to win you. There are plenty of fun women, there are plenty of smart women, there are plenty of beautiful women but there is no one who has your unique combination.

The key to being unique is in the saying, “be yourself.” What does that mean? It means being honest in your words and actions. It means not playing games to catch his attention. It means being vulnerable with him. It means not hiding pieces of who you really are. It means believing that your unique combination of talents and characteristics make you the kind of girl he’d be lucky to love.

Once he grasps your individuality, he won’t be able to settle for anyone else, because no one can compare to you.

2. Ambition

Many accomplished ladies hide their ambition because they believe it’s off-putting to guys, but men are attracted to ambition, because an ambitious woman is passionate and radiates confidence.

Also, a man also feels more secure when in a relationship with an ambitious woman. Men recognize that a woman who has vision and the gumption to make that vision happen will help him both achieve his dreams and make their relationship last forever.

3. Adventurous

News flash: about every other person writes, “I’m looking for someone to go on adventures with me!” on their online dating profile. First of all, the fact that everyone writes it shows you what not to do online (remember, be individual) but it also reveals that people believe being adventurous is attractive.

As always, you shouldn’t change who you are to get a man to fall for you. But you should highlight the adventurous spirit that is surely inside you. Maybe your idea of adventure involves pranking your friends, spontaneously jumping on airplanes to foreign countries or your adventure may be diving head-first into a thrilling book. Whatever your personal adventure is, use it to catch your man’s eye.

4. Playfulness

Even women who aren’t considered “beautiful” by conventional standards are considered crazy attractive simply by letting their playfulness out. Men love when they see a woman’s fun side.

Do things that awaken your playfulness like a trip to the zoo or a water balloon fight. Also, be sure to tease him. Guys go crazy for it.

5. Intelligence

A great key to grabbing a guy’s attention is challenging him. Your smarts are an easy way to do that. Guys love talking to a girl about substantial things because it forms a deep connection and because he believes the relationship goes beyond physical attraction.

Not only that, but dating a smart woman makes a man feel like he’s accomplished something. Men respect smart women, and he’ll recognize that you could be with anyone else, but you’re choosing him.

Seriously, if you want to be the kind of girl who grabs his attention for more than a minute, allow your brilliance to shine.

6. Authenticity

At the end of the day, never change yourself to fit these qualities. If you do, he might fall for a person you made up, and not you. But don’t worry, you have these attributes inside you. They manifest differently in every person. Maybe you’re not smart when taking a bubble test but you are a wiz with botany. Maybe you’re not great at playful banter, but you are playful in a snowball fight.

The key to making a man fall for you (whether for the first time or a second time) is finding these qualities inside yourself and enunciating them. Once he sees all these characteristics in you, he’ll fall all over your authentic self.

Not only do each of these attributes describe an amazing woman (aka you), they describe an amazing museum. The Leonardo Museum is unique because there’s no other museum that melds art, science and technology like it does; It’s ambitious in its vision; It’s playful because the exhibits are fun and hands-on (seriously, go build a drone or make a stop-motion video); It inspires brilliance in the people who visit; and it’s fearlessly authentic.

Melinda Fox

Melinda Fox has a bachelor's degree in English and is the Sponsored Content Manager for FamilyShare.com. She loves Shakespeare, listening to her favorite songs on repeat and journaling. Find her at melindafox.com