53 ways to spice up date night

Spice up your date night with one of these 53 terrific and simple dates.

Ever feel as if your dates are the same old thing? Like you are just going through the motions and can’t think of a new date idea to mix things up?

No more excuses! Spice up your date night with one of these 53 simple, but terrific dates for married couples. These will help you shake up the norm and experience something new together.

1. Culinary speed tasting

Locate an area in your city with a high concentration of restaurants. Select a different eating joint for a different part of your meal (one for your appetizer, one for the entree and one for dessert) and create a train of culinary expertise. Speed dating meets speed tasting.

2. Look for hidden treasures

Some of the greatest treasures are hidden in some of the wildest places. Take the time to visit your local craft stores, small town markets, garage sales and antique stores for hidden gems.

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3. Explore a local state park

4. Rent bikes for the afternoon

5. Rent paddleboats at the park

6. Check the posters at your favorite restaurant and attend a local festival or event

7. Go geocaching

Geocaching is the ultimate GPS treasure hunt that spans across the entire globe. Get together and map out all the hidden stashes you want to find in one evening. You never know what you are going to find!

8. Get out of your culinary comfort zone and try ethnic foods

Explore the culinary world by expanding your horizons and trying different foods you normally wouldn’t try. Together you will savor the deliciousness or laugh at the frivolous attempt to try new things.

9. Stargaze in your backyard

10. Go on a local ghost tour

There is always that one haunted house in your local neighborhood.

11. Hit the mini golf course

12. Create a five course meal together

13. Hit the river for a dinner cruise

14. Have an indoor picnic

Clear the living room and lay the blanket down near the fireplace. Set the scene by adding some comfy throw pillows and music. Who said staying home can’t be romantic, even if it is only a picnic?

15. Visit a random museum

16. Learn a new activity or hobby together

Pottery, painting, or even karate.

17. Attend an art exhibit

18. Be a local tourist for the day

19. Buy a toy at the nearest toy store

Who said you have to act grown up all the time?

20. Recreate your first date

Walking down memory lane never gets old.

21. Go bowling

22. Be extreme every once in awhile

Try skydiving, rock climbing, surfing or water skiing.

23. Create a home theater in your backyard

Set up a bed sheet and grab a small projector to create an intimate private viewing.

24. Play Bingo

Find a local joint that is hosting a Bingo party; it may be your local community center that is hosting the event, or your local nursing home. Get out and get involved.

25. Host a neighborhood game night

26. Go skating

Roller skate or ice skate- either way skating is exciting.

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27. Take a drive to a surprise location

Grab your partner and surprise them on a mini-road trip. Take them to a city just a little ways out of town, take them on a drive up a beautiful canyon or take them to a nearby river. Surprise them!

28. Who doesn’t love friendly competition?

Play a small game of 1-on-1 basketball or question each other’s batting skills at the local cages.

29. Visit the local arcade

30. Visit the amusement park

31. Play outdoor sports in your local park

Frisbee, tennis, football, baseball, etc. The options are endless!

32. Attend a dinner theater production

Attend your local high school or local theatres’ dinner theatre productions. Live entertainment and food- win-win!

33. Visit the aquarium

34. Support your local baseball team

Support your local little league or major league team.

35. Watch a live concert

Attend a concert supporting your local band or your all-time favorite artist.

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36. Lather up the sunscreen and head straight to the beach

37. Saddle up and go horseback riding

38. Become a volunteer in your community

39. Visit a local factory

Doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, am I right? But, it may surprise you as you visit your local cheese or chocolate factory all the steps and processes that go behind the simple pleasures you easily enjoy.

40. Netflix marathon

Netflix and chill? Sometimes it is a good idea.

41. Bird watching

Grab a book and your binoculars.

42. Go camping

43. Visit a home show

44. Test drive your dream car

45. Indulge in a midnight snack

Whether you are baking your favorite cookies together late at night, ordering dessert from your favorite restaurant or driving through Wendy’s for your favorite Frosty, it all tastes good in the early hours of the night.

46. Create a breakfast tradition

Keep it simple: every Tuesday meet for bagels and hot chocolate.

47. Local fruit picking

Visit your local berry patch or apple orchard and pick fresh fruit together.

48. Plan a Pinterest inspired evening

Find a craft, dinner and dessert you have been dying to attempt and brave the unknown.

49. Visit a local comedy show

50. Frisbee golf in your local park

51. Visit the thrift shop

52. Learn how to ballroom dance together

53. Go to your local karaoke bar

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