5 ways to exercise with your spouse, build your relationship and love it

Exercising is tough, so why go at it alone? Change up a few things to make exercising with your spouse a frequent event not to be missed.

There are many reasons you do not exercise. There are even more reasons you do not exercise with your spouse. But there may be a desire within each of us to exercise more and spend more time with our spouse. So why not put the two together?

First, I have a story for you. When I met my husband it was not love at first sight. Sure, we had a common group of friends and some obviously common interests, but that was it. That is, until we ended up on some long bike rides and hikes together. We talked. We got to know each other. We teased each other. We fell in love.

Five years later, we still love to exercise together. Although, our time is limited, here are five strategies that we use for success.

1. Pick a common activity

Pick one hundred common activities. Fortunately for us there are thousands of exercise options from which to choose.

2. Be willing to try new things

I admit I don’t care for softball, but if my husband said he would go dancing with me once a month, I would do it.

3. Lift up the other person

Positive energy keeps everyone motivated. People want to know that they are doing a good job. Point out little improvements they have made and keep encouraging them to get better. When I mountain bike with my husband, he knows that I have more fun and perform better when he is complimenting me instead of criticising me.

4. Talk

Get to know each other all over again. Talk about your week. Make each other laugh. Be silly. Talking does wonders to pass the time.

5. Plan for it

Exercise offers a physical and mental release. It is beneficial for general health. The only way to complete exercise on your task list is to plan for it. Keep that laundry list of options and add variety to your routine. If you have kids and want to involve them, consider looking for options such as a jogging stroller, kid carrier or bike trailer.

There have been times when I did not enjoy exercising with many of my male counterparts. Often, I felt pressured. Was I holding them back in some way? Exercise is about you, what you enjoy and your success.

It’s basic math: exercise + exercise is better than just exercise. Build each other up in what ever activity you choose. Have a conversation. Have fun. Celebrate success in your exercise goals. It is through this process of self discovery and building each other up that relationships are strengthened.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, start today.

Gina Baker

Gina is a nurse, mom, entrepreneur, photographer, artist in training, athlete and more. She graduated with a masters degree in nursing informatics.