5 types of men you definitely want to marry

When it comes to picking a life partner there are some types you should surely steer clear of. But these 5 guys would be great picks, and here’s why.

Falling in love is easy. Knowing if you’ve picked the right kind of person to spend your life with is much tougher. In many ways you risk your life when picking a life partner. The wrong choice now can lead to dire consequences later. But some great catches can be overlooked at first glance.

If you’re not sure you have a keeper, consider why these guys would make particularly great husbands:

1. The old friend

Who doesn’t love a “We were friends first” love story? Marrying an old friend is a special kind of celebration. Rarely do people get to truly know who their partner is on such a deep level before jumping into the journey of marriage. Spouses discover so much in themselves and their partners on the way to forever, but an old friend is already halfway there. Plus, the love and respect friends develop for each other is often so much rawer, real and revealing than the passionate and romance-filled relationship love most experience.

Marrying an old friend who got the good, bad and ugly you means you’re marrying someone who accepts your strengths and flaws and will be there in sickness, for poorer and in bad times, too.

2. The sensitive guy

Too often a woman will make “the sensitive guy” her friend instead of her husband. At first glance it’s hard for a lover of art, poetry or a compassionate lifestyle, to compete with the hot, athletic bad boy down the block. But after years of late nights, bar fights, loud music or a wandering eye, the guy who cares about your feelings, his health, and the environment will seem more and more attractive.

A man with a charitable nature and spirit of volunteerism will do wonders in a marriage and in the lives of others. Give the guy who serves the community and stands for a cause another chance before glossing him over for a guy with a guitar, a high-paying job, or demanding expectations.

3. The improver

A man doing what he can to fix himself should not be looked at as broken. Whether it’s going back to school and starting at the bottom, or going back in time and reconciling a lost childhood, see a man trying to do better for himself is very rewarding. I am a firm believer in “you get the man you marry” and warn all women against an age old foe: marrying the man’s potential instead of the man. This only applies when there is no track record of actively engaging in those changes and living in the new and improved life.

Everyone makes mistakes. Each of us has a cross to bear. Some burdens are heavier than others. But if you see the work and the commitment to a better life for himself, he will pass that better life on to you and be just as committed in your marriage.

4. The supporter

The supporter is a well-rounded individual who picks up where a lot of men leave off. While he does make sure he has his own affairs in order, he never uses his needs or desires to trample on those of his partner. A man who supports his wife in doing anything and everything she needs to be a happy, healthy and fulfilled person is a great catch. If she needs some time alone, he books a vacation. If she wants a better career, he sends her to school. This man is definitely someone you want to walk down the aisle with once and wake up to every day.

5. The provider

This guy gets the job done. He takes care of his family and makes no excuses. Tough but flexible, whatever makes the household run better and keeps everyone secure, he makes it so. He could be an industry crossing Jack of all trades or an expert in a single field, an entrepreneur, or a cog in a corporate wheel. But in the end, he is a real go-getter and a go-giver. He gets the job done and gives everything he has to those he loves.

Many women have a type they like to date. But when it comes to marriage, you need to change your type to one that works. A man worth marrying makes your life better, healthier and more joyous. He brings stability, security, comfort and fun to the table and never takes anything precious away from your world.

Georgia Lee

Georgia D. Lee seeks to empower, inspire, enrich and educate anyone with an open mind, heart and spirit through her most treasured medium - black and white!