5 signs he wants to get away from you but doesn’t know how to tell you

Is your man's behavoir making you worry? Do you think he's ready to leave, but doesn't know how to tell you? Pay attention to these 5 signs.

Whether it’s someone you’re dating, friends with, or even a spouse, sometimes it is hard to be direct. While women tend to be pretty good at being subtle, men often use the art of subtlety to try and tell you something in a less-direct way. If you notice any of these five signs coming from your man, be warned – it may be his way of trying to get away from you.

1. He doesn’t fight back

When someone is ready to leave the relationship, they will stop putting effort into it. Sometimes effort comes in the form of defending themselves, pointing out things they would like you to change or making sure their opinion is heard … actions that often provoke a fight or argument. But it’s not the fighting you should be worrying about; it’s when you are no longer fighting that should make you worry. If you and a loved one aren’t fighting, it’s because they’ve either magically started agreeing with everything you do/think/say, or they have stopped caring enough to contradict you. This lack of effort is a huge warning sign you shouldn’t ignore.

2. He tells you all his flaws

In a relationship, we put our best selves forward. We want the person we are with to admire and feel proud to be with us, so we tend to play up the good, and play down the bad. If you notice your man suddenly seems to tell you his flaws more than his good qualities, this could mean he is trying to show his bad side, so you will break up with him. He doesn’t want to have to do the deed himself, so he tries to make it easy on you – no one wants to be with someone who lies, cheats and doesn’t use his blinker.

3. He doesn’t keep his commitments

It’s normal to forget a lunch date every once in a while, or miss your weekly yoga date because he had to work late. What isn’t common though is for someone to stop keeping any of their commitments, no matter how large or small, or how important they were. If he’s stood you up more times than he’s kept his promises, something is up. “Forgetting” commitments may be his way of saying he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

4. He stops complimenting you

If you notice that he no longer holds your hand, tells you how good you look or compliments your achievements, then he’s definitely not interested in keeping the relationship going. Some men are more comfortable with compliments than others, but all men know they need to tell a woman how beautiful she is both inside and out. Some do it with words, others bring flowers or simply give a look that lets you know what he is thinking. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten any compliments, go fishing for them. If you come up empty, then it’s time to cut him loose.

5. He doesn’t initiate conversations

Do you always call him? Are you the first to send a text? Does he ever sit down and strike up a conversation with you? If you notice that he is never the one to initiate the conversation, then there is something wrong. Even the strong, silent type can speak first occasionally. It’s also obvious he is done when all his responses are one word answers.

If you’re experiencing two of these warning signs, find time to talk about your relationship. Maybe there is just a miscommunication that can be worked out. If he is displaying three or more of these, then he obviously needs to figure things out because someone like you deserves better.

Megan Shauri

Megan Shauri graduated with a bachelors in anthropology and a masters in psychology. She is a mother of twins.