5 reminders every woman needs when she can’t take another heartbreak

We've all been there. Here are 5 reminders to get through the hardest times.

Sometimes life hits you like a tidal wave. Every time you try to get back up, another wave of heartbreak knocks you down.

Everyone is going to face heartbreak at least once in their life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Here are five reminders every woman needs when she can’t take more heartbreak:

1. Take it one day at a time

It’s easy to stress about the future when you’re dealing with heartbreak. You might think to yourself, “What am I going to tell my friends?” or “What’s going to happen if I run into my ex at the store?” You’re hurting enough as it is, and stressing about the future only makes your load heavier. Focus on the here and now. Think about what you can do now to overcome your grief. If you do this, you will be ready to tackle obstacles in the future.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Nobody likes asking for help. After all, you’re a strong, independent woman who can handle things on your own, right? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to. Reach out to those who love you-your mom, your best friend, your aunt or anyone else you trust. Talking about it will help. Allowing others to ease your load will make all the difference.

Need a “me” day? Ask your mom to watch the kids for a few hours and have a spa day for yourself. Your tense muscles will thank you for it.

3. Maintain a normal routine

I know nothing sounds more appealing than locking yourself in your room with a tub of ice cream. But nothing throws you off more than a change of schedule, and you definitely don’t need anything else shaking you up.

Maintaining your regular schedule will not only keep your mind occupied, it will give you a sense of purpose-something that many people struggle with after heartbreak.

4. Keep yourself busy by trying something new

Take a cooking class. Learn to paint. Write a poem and perform it in a slam poetry contest. Whatever you decide, use your heartbreak as an opportunity to improve yourself.

I hate the look of pity people give me when they know I’m going through a rough patch. They ask me how I am, place a hand on my shoulder and look at me like a sad puppy. In these cases, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to tell them how well I’m doing. That’s the point of trying something new. When someone asks you how you’re doing, you can say something like, “Great! I just got out of my pottery class.”

5. Believe that you’re going to get through this

Even if you keep the first four tips in mind, you’re still going to have bad days. It’s easy to believe you’re never going to find joy again, but that isn’t true. You’ll definitely have setbacks, and rebuilding your life may take some time, but if you believe you’ll get through it, you will. Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it.

In hindsight, I realize I wouldn’t change any of my experiences of heartbreak for anything. Eventually, you’ll feel the same way. You’ll be grateful for these experiences in the long run. You’re stronger than you think, and what you’re going through will eventually make you a stronger, happier and more confident person.

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is a member of the FamilyShare content team. She studied Communication with an emphasis in journalism. She loves photography and finding a good book to read in her hammock on a sunny, breezy day.