5-foot grandma struggles to put grandbaby to bed and it’s hilarious

Even if you're not a parent, this will make your day.

If you have ever had a baby, and you’re on the short end of the height spectrum, you’ve struggled to reach over the bar of the baby’s crib to put the baby to sleep. Sometimes it feels like mom versus crib every single night. Most often the mom wins out, but for this grandma, the crib finally had its victory.

This 5-foot nothing grandma had a little bit of a struggle putting her grandbaby to sleep for the night. She hopped up on a little stool with the baby in her arms, reached over the arm of the crib to lay the baby down, and then loses her footing.

Before you know it, she’s fallen head first into the baby’s crib, and the sleeping baby is no longer sleeping. Watch the hilarious mommy fail moment below:

My mom is going to kill me but I had to post. For those of you who don't know my mom she is 5ft and has always been vertically challenged. I love this crazy woman!#Oops #Ellen #Ellentube #sharpauctionengine #legendrealty https://youtu.be/0YOTHZjj6vA
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Posted by Nikki Sharp Bishop on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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