5 eye-popping ideas to make your wedding photos unique

Here are some ideas that will help the bride, groom and entire entourage take some (really) unique photos.

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride, before and after photos that you’ll want to share with pride! Weddings are among the most elegant and momentous occasions we experience. Months and months of preparation go into making this special day perfect. Many couples hire professional photographers to capture wedding moments, but feel free to have a little fun with your pictures.

Below are ideas that will help the bride, groom, and entire entourage take unique photos-ones that truly show some personality:

1. Lights, cameras, entourage …. Action!

Why not be daring and dive into different worlds? Send the bride, groom, and entire entourage running straight to Jurassic Park and add a chasing dinosaur to the picture.

Think of poses from one of your favorite movies, and have the entourage model those poses. “The Great Gatsby”, “Bridesmaids”, or even “Star Wars” are fun movies imitate (and also emphasize that your special day is worthy of the silver screen!)

Set the stage for a championship marriage with a sports photo by turning the wedding party into a sports team. For a baseball photo, have the bride pose as a batter as the groom as pitcher. This idea works well because it fits the wedding theme: the groom, after all, is the one who “pitches” marriage.

For high-school sweethearts, what better place to re-capture that first smooch than where their love began? This couple has some amazingly cute pictures in their old school (and have their wedding party acting as a their rowdy classmates).

2. Snap smart with the setting

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Marriage is a lifelong adventure perhaps as vast as the sky itself. Zoom out a bit to capture blue skies and fluffy clouds in a few photos. Or, take a walk through the woods for an adventurous setting. Doing so can remind the bride and groom of the exciting expeditions in their future. Use historic sites too-perhaps the entourage could visit a historic monument or park to highlight the wedding as a historic moment. You can also spice things up by using some really cute and unique poses, like these ones.

Precipitation-especially snow-also make for picturesque photos. Work with the weather instead of letting it hinder your spirit on the big day.

3. Use face props for fun

At a wedding, everyone looks their very best. So why not stand out from traditional wedding attire with a few fun face props? Give the groom big lips and the bride a mustache; add some oversized spectacles to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. For the final shot, add in the words “just married” to the mix.

While weddings are beautiful, marriages aren’t perfect in every moment. Be sure to snap a few funny pictures the couple can laugh at for years (especially in those less-than-perfect moments). Check out these cute prop ideas you can DIY.

4. Shoot a floating effect

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Use some balloons for a stellar shot. You can have the whole wedding party release them at once. Or use them in place of a floral bouquet. Check out these ideas for some cute ways to add balloons to your special day.

Wedding days are magical-especially if the bride and groom can fly! Try giving the groom an umbrella to hold in one hand as he takes the hand of his bride in the other one. Snap a photo as the groom jumps into the air; if you time it right, he’ll look like he’s floating.

5. Add an absolutely adorable prop

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Every groom needs a best man, but let’s not forget a best friend. At what other time in a dog’s life can he dress in a white top and tie and maybe even dress pants? Take a picture of the bride and groom with Spot in the center. Or maybe take a portrait-style photo as he does a playful puppy pose. Either way, include your dog to make a wonderfully memorable family photo.

While the focus should be on the bride and groom, remember to capture the little flower girl and ring bearer as well. Snapping photos of them together can be absolutely adorable.

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