5 clever tips for fighting diaper rash

When the redness starts, here are some tricks to get it gone -- fast.

A bad diaper rash can make baby and mom cry. These clever diaper rash solutions will have you both smiling in no time.

  1. DIY diaper cream. Try this concoction for the ultimate diaper rash cream. Mix a tube of Desitin, a tube of antibacterial like bacitracin, and a tube of anti-fungal cream like lotrimin together. It works like magic!

  2. Keep your hands clean. Most diaper creams are waterproof, which is good for sticking to little bottoms, but bad for getting off your hands. Keep your hands goop-free by applying the cream to a wipe first and then rubbing it on your baby, or put directly onto the diaper.

  3. Go backless. If your toddler needs to air out that diaper rash but you still want to protect your floors, cut the back out of a diaper. His little cheeks stay uncovered, but the front of the diaper will catch any pee. Just be sure and watch for signs he needs to poop and cover up fast!

  4. Sock it! To soothe red bottoms put a sock full of oatmeal in the bathtub. You’ll get the soothing effects of an oatmeal bath without the mess.

  5. Chill out! Is your baby’s bottom too sore for a diaper? Soothe sensitive skin and reduce rash swelling by chilling the diaper in the freezer before you put it on.