4 ways to escape a sleeping baby

A sleeping baby is a precious thing and most parents want to keep it that way.

Sleep is a five-letter word that has much more meaning when you become a parent. It means few eight-hour nights of uninterrupted sleep, no more sleeping in and very few naps. Sleep for your child means that you get a break. You can choose whether to take a nap or work on one of the million projects you had been putting off. However, keeping your child asleep is the tricky part.

In this cute video, one mom and dad demonstrate four different techniques for escaping a sleeping baby. Even though these techniques might seem a little dramatic, you have probably performed at least one to keep your child to sleep and enjoy a few minutes alone.

If your child has a difficult time falling to sleep, here are nine techniques you’ve probably never heard of to get your child to bed.

Courtnie Erickson

Courtnie is an editor for FamilyShare.com and has a degree in journalism. She has a slight obsession with running, newspapers and large fuzzy blankets. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.