25 of the craziest heels you’ve ever seen

I'm not sure if these are genius or just dangerous.

I’ll admit- I’m a guy. As such, heels are foreign to me. I already think they’re terrifying, but then I saw the shoes featured below. Thank you internet.

Oh, and I guess some of these are technically “platform shoes,” but if a shoe raises any part of the foot more than an inch off the ground I automatically put it in the “heels” group.

1. Do these count as ankle weights?

2. We all have that one friend who would totally wear these

3. These just can’t be safe

4. Well, they’ve got personality

5. For the city

6. These are probably great for walking through puddles

7. These might require some extremely thick socks

8. What is happening here?

9. Well these are flattering

10. For when you want to feel ten feet tall

11. Well, you don’t see this every day

12. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

13. I don’t know if I’m weirded out or impressed

14. Perfect for any occasion

15. Very minimalist, I like it

16. It’s not just a really shiny floor

17. She’d better not step on any toes

18. Your foot goes somewhere in there

19. With a steampunk theme

20. When you can’t afford the whole shoe

WEIRD !!!! 8)

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21. I mean, this has to be more comfortable than just the ground, right?

22. Stable enough

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23. Somewhere to put your phone

Keep a pet bird in there while your walking

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24. It’s pie, enough said

Anyone want some pie?

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25. I hope you can store something inside

Awesome boots

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