25 hilarious cases of pet shaming these animals totally deserved

Now the whole world knows what they've done.

Sometimes pets can get a little out of hand. Here’s how these hilarious owners choose to deal with it:

1. At least he’s consistent

2. This could be cute in different circumstances

3. Makes you wonder what else has been eaten

4. Just doing some remodeling

5. And he almost got away with it

6. Well, opening the fridge without thumbs is tough

7. That’s a big sandwich for a very small dog

8. You had one job

9. Oh, well in that case ..

10. This dog has good taste

11. When you get out of the pound and then fall back into your old ways

12. These pets know exactly what they did wrong

13. That’s a very detail-oriented bird

14. Well it does look comfortable

15. This dog is living the dream

16. Ah, the classic fake injuries ploy

17. Complimentary dishes

18. The big dog knows who’s in charge

19. The perfect team

20. Not the best first impression

21. This is fine

22. That’s NOT good

23. Cats need to express themselves, too

24. Humans do the same thing

25. Because it’s hilarious

David Snell

David Snell is a writer for the FamilyShare team. He's trilingual (English, Spanish and Movie Quotes). He's got a BA in communications and is married to one incredibly fantastic girl.