25 amazingly ugly Christmas sweaters you will need for your next Christmas Party

These are the best, yet ugliest Christmas sweaters you've ever seen.

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Christmas parties are all about those ugly Christmas sweaters. And there are some brilliant ones out there.

Not to be mistaken with Neil’s Christmas sweaters from The Santa Clause (his sweaters are just bad). Here are Christmas sweaters that are so bad they’re actually the greatest thing on earth. Be sure to wear one to your next Christmas party. Everyone will love you.

1. Patched holiday sweater

Get it for $22.90

2. Make Christmas great again

Get it for $19.99

3. Christmas present sweater

Get it for $69.00

4. Gingerbread pom-pom

Get it for $24.90

5. Llama Christmas sweater

Get it for $25.00

6. Ugly Christmas tree with suspenders

Get it for $57.00

7. Mustache Christmas tree

Get it for $24.99

8. Naughty and nice two-person sweater

Get it for $88

9. Darth Vader sweater

Get it for $36

10. Elf Pull-over Sweater

Get it for $24.99

11.Stranger Things Christmas sweater

Get it for $21.99

12. Grinch sweater

Get it for $22.97

13. Christmas tree pullover

Get it for $21.99

14. Gingerbread nightmare

Get it for $55

15. Light-up reindeer wreath

Get it for $33.99

16. Fruit cake sweater

Get it for $28.16

17. This absolutely fabulous sweater

Get it for $21.59

18. Christmas decor sweater

Get it for $19.99

19. 3D Christmas Sweater with moose

Get it for $67.95

20. Ugliest sweater award humorous Christmas sweater (with mirror)

Get it for $47.99

21. Light-up sloth Christmas sweater

Get it for $27.99

22. Christmas stocking ugly sweater

Get it for $59.00

23. The best Christmas cat sweater in the universe

Get it for $21.59

24. This tacky gem

Get it for $32.00

25. Cat sweater with bells

Get it for $59.00

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