24 animal Vines that are so funny, they’ll give you a killer ab workout

There's something about animals doing weird things that never gets old.

Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, humans are by far the funniest. But let’s face it – we’re only the most comedic because we have opposable thumbs and can post funny Vines of real animals on the internet.

Otherwise, the animals in these 24 Vines have us beat.

1. What a beautiful day it is today

2. This is how you know you’ve been to West Yellowstone too much

3. Trying to get past your mom when she already said you can’t go out

4. Trying to impress bae be like …

5. #petgoals

6. You really are your own worst enemy

7. When you come home from work early and catch your cat

8. Stretchhhhhhhhh

9. When your were a kid and refused to get in the bathtub until mom came chasing after you

10. When someone steals your last bite of food

11. My cat after watching Spiderman

12. The most dramatic sneeze of all time

13. When someone with bad breath talks too close to you

14. Meanwhile in Antarctica …

15. “Honey, will you come in here and tell me if this dress makes me look fat?”

16. When the beat drops

17. I really need to stop letting my parrot listen to Beyonce

18. Be nice to your pets or else

19. When you’re out in public and your jam comes on

20. Walked in on these two the other day


22. These birds must be friends with my parrot

23. You know you live in a really sketchy neighborhood when you look out and see this

24. Who does it better?

or …

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Alex Phippen

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