21 romantic texts that’ll make your husband crazy for you

What man wouldn't love one of these?

Showing love to your husband doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. A simple text can go a long way.

Words of love and affirmation are vital to a healthy relationship. Your husband wants to know that he is an important part of your life. (And he definitely doesn’t mind getting a flirty, romantic message at work to help him through the day.)

If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are 21 texts that will make your husband go crazy for you:

1. Let him know how he makes you feel

2. Tell him what he means to you

3. Compliment his good looks

4. Express your love for him

5. Clue him in that you are CRAZY about him

6. Be blatant about how attracted you are to him

7. Talk about the things you’d like to do with him

8. Confess how much you enjoy being with him

9. Let him know what you want

10. Give him your heart

11. Say something strange that he won’t forget

12. Overwhelm him with sappiness

13. Build up anticipation

14. Mention that you enjoy being with him

15. Tell him how he’s made your life better

16. Because you know it’s the truth

17. Be a dork if you have to

18. Keep it short and sweet

19. Appreciate the good times

20. Use plenty of affirmative words

21. Leave no doubt

If none of these fit your style, a simple, “I love you,” is enough. Your husband will appreciate the time you took to let him know how much he means to you.

What else would you add? Comment below.

Katelyn Carmen

Katelyn Carmen is a freelance content marketer, writer and graphic designer. She loves her husband, family, friends and faith.