2016’s most beautifully unique baby names

You won't see these names everywhere.

2016’s most beautifully unique baby girl names

If you’re the type of parent who doesn’t want your child to have to go by both their first and middle name so they won’t get confused with the other two Jessicas in the class, these names are perfect for you.

Pronounced ah-DEER-ah

Pronounced TEER-nee.

A sweet variation of honor.

Or try a variation like Leona or Leonia.

Used for both boys and girls, but this lovely name is rising in popularity for girls.

Like the spice. Or the color.

Means “blessed raven”

Means “new” or “young”.

For Biblical name lovers.

Has a crisp ring to it that is a different Fall approach than the more traditional Autumn.

A spin on the over used Ashley.

Means “like a star.”

Because z is an underrated letter.

A beautiful combination of unique but not too strange.

Pronounced meer-AY.

Amberlee L. Peterson

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