20 ways to show your wife you love her without saying a word

Have you done any of these things for your wife today?

You have someone so special in your life. She makes sacrifices, raises children and multitasks. Don’t miss a chance to share your appreciation. Without saying a word, do these things to show your wife you love her:

1. Bring home her favorite treat

Let your wife know you were thinking about her during the day by bringing home a treat she’ll love. This is sure to bring a smile to her face after a long, hard day.

2. Write love notes

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Your wife will adore reading all the cute messages you leave for her. Put one in her lunch bag, on the mirror and one on the steering wheel to remind her you’re crazy about her.

3. Let her buy that dress

You both are good with finances, but surprise her with some extra cash so she can splurge on something she wants. You don’t have to let her buy everything she wants, but a new dress or necklace can be just the pick-me-up she needs.

4. Know when she’s on her period

Be patient with her during that time of the month. She’s probably moody (but it’s in your best interest not to mention that). Rub her back, warm up a heating pad, put the kids to bed while she lays down or cook dinner (and maybe even dessert). These simple gestures will mean the world to her.

5. Watch the rom-com

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Earn some husband points by watching a romantic comedy with your sweetheart. You might even enjoy it! And if you don’t, you can always pick the next movie.

6. Turn off the lights at night

If she is nestled in bed, turn off the lights for her. Then snuggle her close and give her a kiss on the cheek as she falls asleep.

7. Fill up the gas tank

This is a simple task that can mean so much to her. Save her a 10-minute stop by filling up the car with gas.

8. Send her a cute text

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Let her know she’s on your mind by sending a quick message. Tell her how much you miss her, and don’t forget to include kissy-face emoticons.

9. Show interest in her day

When she talks about a difficult meeting at work or how the baby had a diaper explosion, truly listen and show interest. Let her vent, share a funny story or talk about the highlights of her day.

10. Let her sleep in

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When you hear the kids start to stir, get up and let your wife have a few extra zzz’s. Go the extra mile and get the kids set up with breakfast. And maybe bring breakfast to your snoozing wife, too.

11. Spend time with her

Life gets busy, and it can become hard to find quality time to spend together. But relationships need nurturing, no matter how busy life gets. Call a babysitter and go out for an evening to get some much-needed alone time.

12. Give her some alone time

As much as she loves you and her kids, she needs some time to herself, too. Take the kids out to the park to let your wife relax. Run the bath or bring her a cozy blanket and a book so she can de-stress in a quiet house.

13. Be there when she’s grieving

You should be the first person there to comfort her during hard times. Sometimes a woman’s emotions can be overwhelming, but all she really needs is a hug, and someone to listen and continually support her. Be patient with her during these times.

14. Bring home flowers

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Stop and pick up some flowers on the way home from work. This simple gesture will show her you were thinking of her, and you’re sure to get a big kiss in return.

15. Love her family

She loves her family, and she wants you to love them just as much. Show her you care about them by spending time with them. Schedule Skype sessions and plan a trip to visit her family if they live far away.

16. Love your children

Show affection to your children through hugs, kisses and spending time with them. When you love your children, you are ultimately showing your wife that you love her and the family you have together. This will also set an example to your kids of how a father should treat his family.

17. Support her decisions

When your child asks mom for something and she says no, stand by her decision. You and your wife should be unified when making decisions (this means her supporting your choices, too). Being unified as a couple will be a good example to your kids for their future relationships.

18. Kiss her

Kiss her all over: her cheek, forehead, hand and lips. This shows you love everything about her – inside and out.

19. Hold her hand

Reach for her hand while you’re watching a movie, taking a walk or running errands. Give her butterflies all over again with this simple gesture.

20. Smile

Show your wife you’re happy just to be with her. And your sweet smile will have her falling in deeper love with you every day.

Shaelynn Miller

Shaelynn Miller is a staff writer for FamilyShare who has a passion for writing, video production and photography.