20 signs you’ve married your best friend

You two are the ultimate #couplegoals.

No friendship is quite like your marriage. You know there’s no one else you would spend forever with, but is your spouse truly your best friend? Here are 20 signs you’ve married your ultimate BFF:

1. You’re bored when you’re not together

Because everything is more fun when you have each other (even the boring, grown-up stuff, like paying taxes and waiting in line at the post office).

2. You tell each other everything

Every little nitty gritty detail of your life, you share it because you feel comfortable enough with your significant other to be completely honest. Sometimes that means giving too many details, but hey, that’s what best friends are for.

3. You tease each other

You know a little light-hearted teasing can be fun, as long as you know how to laugh at yourself! Plus, he’ll never let you forget that embarrassing time at the frozen yogurt place around the corner. Ever.

4. You two can be unbelievably goofy with each other

You aren’t afraid to let each other see your silly side – that’s more fun anyway than being so serious all of the time.

5. You laugh at all the same things

You have the same sense of humor, which makes being together so fun.

6. They’re the first person you want to go to with exciting news..

7. …and the first person you want to go to after a really bad day

Like all best friends, your spouse is there for you through all the ups and downs.

8. You are each other’s ultimate protectors

Nothing feels safer than being in each other’s arms. Even when you know they aren’t right by your side, they are in spirit.

9. You enjoy each other’s weird little quirks

You love your spouse and all their little quirks – and something that others might find weird, you find (really) endearing.

10. You are 100% honest with each other

Even if that truth makes you feel a little vulnerable, you’d rather be with someone who you can be completely honest with.

11. You feel better every time you see them

Because your day is just better when you’re together.

12. You would do anything for them

Seriously, you’d do anything for them, but part of that love comes from knowing they’d never take advantage of that.

13. You never judge each other

Because most of the time, if one of you is acting ridiculous, the other person is tagging along, anyway.

14. You do everything together

All your friends know that if they’re inviting you somewhere, they’re inviting your spouse, too. You guys are like peanut butter and jelly.

15. You two have the best time on road trips

You two don’t need much to have a blast – as long as you’ve got each other, you’re good.

16. You two have the best inside jokes

So what if no one else around you two can understand what’s going on? You both know everyone else secretly wishes they were a part of your dream team.

17. They know the exact remedy to pick you up when you’re down

They know exactly how to make you smile … even when it seems impossible. On your darkest days, they can always find some sort of a smile to tease out of you.

18. You always want to be close to them

When it comes to each other, you two don’t have personal space.

19. Your life’s just better with them in it

And whenever you have to spend time apart, you’re counting the moments until you’re together again.

20. You know there’s no one else better for you

And you can’t imagine life without them.

If you agree to these 20 signs, you’ve hit the marriage jackpot. There’s nothing better than falling in love with your best friend and being able to spend the rest of your life with them!

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is a member of the FamilyShare content team. She studied Communication with an emphasis in journalism. She loves photography and finding a good book to read in her hammock on a sunny, breezy day.