20 of the FUNNIEST food tweets the world has ever seen

Make sure you don't have any food in your mouth when you read these!

There are two things that every single person on this planet loves in life: food and laughing. Now imagine if these things were combined into one. Sound too good to be true? Well,you can stop imagining because such a fantasy does exist and you’re about to read it! Bon appétit!

1. “Why yes, I love cycling.”

2. Um yeahhh…#noshame

3. “Oh, my bad.”

4. Patience is a virtue…unless you’re at a restaurant

5. If only

6. Sometimes love hurts

7. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe somewhere

8. Dieting 101

9. See #21

11. LIFE HACK: Never go to a job interview on an empty stomach

12. ^ see above

13. Wars could literally be avoided if slices were cut equally

14. I hate when this happens

15. When the waiter asks too many questions

16. Don’t judge me

17. I love weddings for one reason and one reason only

18. Baby steps

19. The early-to-bed diet

20. I always knew I liked Ed Sheeran

21. Every girl’s favorite restaurant

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Alex Phippen

Alex recently graduated with a degree in public relations and is now working as an intern helping to produce content for FamilyShare.com. Apart from writing, he enjoys sports, backpacking and spending time with his amazing family.