20 gerbils just living the dream

Gerbils pretty much have the life we all wish we had.

Gerbils pretty much have the life we all wish we had

Hands up who feels like a fat gerbil today? #HurryUpAndBeTuesday

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They get to wear tiny, knit hats while they nibble on their cheese

And delightfully sip out of their itty-bitty gerbil bottles

#ペット #pet #スナネズミ #gerbil

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They live in gorgeous houses

Or delicious ones

God Jul. Detta fina foto tog @eriktjernlund år 2011. #gerbiler#pepparkakshus#gerbils

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And have the perfect naps in mini chevron hammocks

See what I mean? Just hammocking it up so happily

Only gerbils know the exhilaration that comes from swinging your cares away on a rope swing the size of a human thumb

Or feeling the coziness of snuggling with a teddy bear a million times its size

They get to shove burritos in their face with zero judgment

They have adoring owners who make them the world’s tiniest picnic

And play on playgrounds that put McDonalds to shame

Мой сладкий нос!?#пспс#gerbil

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Actually, the whole house is their playground

There’s this little guy who rules the animal kingdom

Or this domestic goddess gerbil

And these loyal gerbil friends who are patiently waiting their turn to climb their tiny gerbil ladder

Boys ♡♡ #gerbil #gerbils #gerbilsofinstagram

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Their whole agenda all day, every day, is to just chill

Squeeeeeeeze!!!! #gerbil

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Then, when they get tired of chilling, they can take a ride in a pocket

Hayley looking cute when eating in my pocket ?#gerbil #animallove #plaid

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Just look at this face

Doesn’t this glamour say it all?

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