20 dazzling albino animals you’re going to want as pets

Some of these would make great pets, others would probably eat you (and #7 is just too big for your fish tank).

Spotting an albino animal in the wild is an extremely rare occurrence, so I did the work for you and found the coolest (and cutest) ones the internet has to offer.

1. This zebra looks awesome

2. Moose camoflauge

3. Can you imagine these peacocks at a wedding?

4. This hedgehog is adorable

5. So is this squirrel

6. Cuteness overload

7. That’s no iceberg

8. It’s hard to tell what this is without the black stripe down its back

9. Lions

10. And tigers

11. And bears

12. Oh my

13. An animal from the land down under

14. This turtle is amazing

15. A beautiful horse

16. This raccoon stands out a little

17. Look at those eyes!

18. Ok don’t look at these eyes … they’re a little creepy

19. Wow

20. This pair is too photogenic


David Snell

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