20 brutally honest thoughts only people who have started a diet will understand

Starting a diet is hard. But sticking with it is even harder.

Dieting, or just trying to have healthier eating habits, can be really hard.

You’re not alone.

Check out these social media posts about dieting fails. (Bonus: Laughing totally burns calories!)

1. It all starts with good intentions

Ooooops! ? #dietfail #exercisefail #lifefail #ooops #thestruggleisreal #blondelife #thespeckyblonde ✌️✌✌✌✌✌

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2. If time flies when you’re having fun, dieting is definitely not fun

The#struggleisreal … Carbs, #carbs and #sugar everywhere ??????? #fitnessjourney #dietfail

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3. Desperation at its finest

4. Why would you even run if there wasn’t a really good reason?

5. For that matter, why do vacuum cleaners have lights?

Can't argue this one, lol. #FunnyFriday #TGIF #dietfail

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6. It’s such a mystery. I blame shopping with kids

7. Fries are technically veggies, too

8. Who can pass up such beauty?

So beautiful! ???

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9. When a “serving size” leaves you starving

10. I just needed a snack!

I always meet this kinda accident? #dietfail#gymlife

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11. How can this even be unhealthy? It’s all vegetables.

?? #funny #food #chips #salsa #nowillpower #dietfail

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12. What? I was really hungry.

? #summerbodyfail #ilovefood #dietfail #wheressophiesabs #findsophiesabs

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13. It’s so hard to diet when you’re hungry all the time

#mylife ??

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14. There are no calories if you eat with friends

15. There should be seat belts on this wagon ride

16. The one time you want to be lied to…

Hey pants, fuck you. #hipsdontlie #dietfail

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17. More to love…huggable…comfy…snuggly…

I'm very fluffy……. #dietfail #beyourself #cutecat #blondelife #thespeckyblonde ✌️✌✌✌✌✌

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18. When you’re really great at starting diets

19. When you have a better relationship with food than people

20. All that dieting sure made me hungry

Eventually this diet thing will work out if you stick with it. But don’t kill yourself over it. Start slow and remember it’s okay to indulge once in a while. No one wants to hang out with a hangry dieter.

Wendy Jessen

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