20 attractive pictures of Hugh Jackman that will make you say, ‘That’s not Hugh Jackman; that’s a bunch of adorable baby animals!’

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Hey, it is what it is. Enjoy.

1. It might not be Hugh, but … it’s still cute, right?

2. Next, an adorable sloth

3. An owlet for your viewing pleasure

4. A wittle bunny

5. Piglet and pet duck

6. Lil’ hippo

7. A ferocious jaguar

8. Baby Alvin … or Simon … or Theodore

9. A llama, or possibly an alpaca

10. A hedgehog

11. Even giraffes start out small

12. Is that you, Squirt?

13. A fuzzball for your enjoyment

14. I need one of these right now

15. Baby panda and his dragon

16. Baby koalaaaawww

17. Too cute

18. Armadillos are underrated

19. Must. Squeeze. Now

20. Finally, the majestic otter

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David Snell

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