18 trends straight from the 90s that are so in right now

Why did number 5 ever go out of style!?

The 90s were a beautiful time to be alive. Pokemon, “Clueless”, furbies and the internet were all the rage then and are still raging today. The fashion trends from the 90s have also resurfaced. I am excited, but still uncertain about whether or not today’s teens can handle these rad fashion trends from one of the coolest decades of all time.

1. Choker necklace

I don’t know how these became so popular the first time around to be honest.

2. Doc Martens

A classic shoe for all ages.

3. Floral dresses

Is it just me or does it seem impossible for floral print to ever go out of style?

4. Jelly sandals

Every 90s girl (including myself) owned a pair of these as a child.

5. Overalls

Feeling these Overalls ✔️

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Please never go out of style again!

6. Jean jacket

Nothing beats a good jean jacket.

7. High waisted jeans

Any pants nicknamed “mom jeans” should probably never be in style.

8. Pegged pants

I used to make fun of my siblings high school pictures, but I guess I can’t do that anymore.

9. Crop tops

Shows off just enough.

10. Flannel shirts

Gotta love that grunge chic look.

11. Scrunchies

Isn’t the word “scrunchie” so fun to say? Scrunchie, scrunchie, scrunchie.

12. Colorful hair

This is also a very beautiful hair color ? #purple #goes #with #every #thing #?❣?

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Crowds of people are starting to look like rainbows.

13. Fanny packs

FANNY PACK REALNESS ?? MY ARMS ARE SO FREE #antipurse #fannypackin

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My fanny pack is lavender. What color is yours?

14. Round sunglasses

floral and lace was in for the spring. ?

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Apparently bug eyes are attractive.

15. Dark lipstick

Just lipstick in general really.

16. Accent braids

They add just the right amount of flare to any hair.

17. Leather jackets

Every girl needs a solid leather jacket.

18. Headbands

Just a girl in a deserted pumpkin patch #falalalaFall ??? ll #LookBackAtIt

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So cute!

So, can the world handle all of these rad fashion trends again? What do you think?

Kelsey Robertson

Kelsey is a student studying to broaden her horizons through the written word. She loves the outdoors, family, car washes and punny witticisms.