16 scenarios only short people will understand

Are you short? Have you declared yourself "fun-sized"? Do you still fit in kids' sizes? If you answered yes, this article is for you.

Tall, average, and short. People come in all shapes and sizes, but for short people, there are some complications tall people will never understand.

If you’re short, chances are you’ve met each of these scenarios.

1. Heels are like stilts for non-clowns

2. Chairs are too high, pants too long and washing clothes is dangerous

All of these happen to me mostly top right!!? #shortpeopleproblems

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3. No one takes you seriously when you’re mad and pint-sized

This is judyyyy ??? #BigLittleSister #ILoveyou #shortpeopleproblems

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4. Oh well. At least there’s a bingo game to play

5. But really, this could also be a bonus

But then again were are awesome at hide & seek!!! #shortpeopleproblems #hiddenwell #awesomeness

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6. Or maybe it’s time to seek new friends

#storyofmylife #shortpeopleproblems #notfunny #iwillpunchyouinthekidney ???

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7. Just because we may be kid-size doesn’t mean we’re kids

Haha #funny #instafunny #shortpeopleproblems #lol?

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8. When you have to run to keep up with your friends

Trying to walk with Austin and corbin like #tallerpeople #shortpeopleproblems #myboyfriendistallerthanme

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9. At least you’ll always look younger

10. Please hand it to me because how else can I get it?

11. It’s either that or the kiddie pool

????? the struggle is real! #shortpeopleproblems

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12. And pray the shelf is secure so you don’t fall

13. Your pants look like built-in leg warmers

Lajk ako si poznat po tome da si nizak ?? #funny #shortpeopleproblems

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14. Sigh

Most of the people in my grade have surpassed my height. ╥﹏╥ #shortpeopleproblems

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15. Every bit counts!

4'11" and a 1/2 lol #shortpeopleproblems

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16. As if you didn’t already know


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We may not be tall, but at least there are step stools, high-heeled shoes and tall friends around to help. Did we miss any? What are some of your short person problems?

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for familyshare.com and does media reviews. Website: https://survivorshopeandhealing.wordpress.com/ for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: https://wendyejessen.wordpress.com Twitter: @WendyJessen