16 posts to help you think more positively

Yes, be kind to others, but you also must be kind and gentle with yourself.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and their circumstances and thinking you are somehow “less than” everyone around you. Or you may be self-critical and extra harsh with yourself because you think you’re not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough or talented enough.

It’s time to stop this downward spiral thinking. You are your best self, and that’s what is important. No one else can do you better than you. So give yourself a break, and be kind to yourself. Start with some of these positive thoughts to get you started:

1. Remember all that you’ve been through and how strong you are

2. Be patient with yourself

Nailed it. Good things take time so keep striving and trust your progress! Everything you did was for a reason. #dailydose

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3. Small improvements every day

4. Is there anything better to be?

5. The world needs you

6. You are full of goodness

Just a reminder:⠀ ⠀ You are good. ⠀ You are worthy of love. ⠀ You are enough. ? ⠀

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7. Loving yourself is …

8. Be good to yourself, too

You're important. Take care of yourself first.

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9. The power of positive self-talk

Starting Fresh again #positiveaffirmations #lifeswhatyoumakeit #itworks?

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10. Your thoughts become a part of you

Even when times are tough, keep it positive and a positive life will follow✌️️#wednesdaywisdom

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11. You choose your behavior

12. Keep going

Today's dose of "please don't kill yourself in this elevator" #positiveaffirmations #eatingdisorderrecovery

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13. You create your own future

#truth #courage #positiveaffirmations #smile #future #goals

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14. You CAN

15. You are your perfect self; you are who you are meant to be

16. Talk nice to yourself

You is smart..You is nice…you is beautiful ???#thursdayvibes✨ #positiveaffirmations

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We could all do a little better with being kind to ourselves and more positive about who we are and what we’re doing. We can make changes in our lives (and we should), but we don’t have to hate ourselves in the process. Be positive and allow yourself to learn, and grow, and change— be YOU.

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for familyshare.com and does media reviews. Website: https://survivorshopeandhealing.wordpress.com/ for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: https://wendyejessen.wordpress.com Twitter: @WendyJessen