16 hilarious times kids said exactly what they think (and it’s kind of scary)

Have a blunt speaking child? Have you been embarrassed in public by tiny mouths? Admit it: kids are hilarious.

Kids have a special way of being blunt and honest, sometimes at the worst moments. But it can also be pretty hilarious.

It is interesting to see the world through kids’ eyes and how they view others around them.

These 16 kids have some pretty fantastic (or frightening) ideas:

1. At least this kid is having fun, right?

Quote of the year! #letterfromcamp #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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2. Not to sound cynical, but…

3. This kid knows about the necessities to sustain life

4. This kid has no time to say what he means

A love note to #Dad. Not quite sure what to make of #blahblahblah LOL! #kids #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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5. Come on. She deserves more than that!

6. When lying might be a good thing

7. Time to stock up on anti-wrinkle cream

8. Because why not?

9. Looking for the positive

10. A little tough love for you, Dad!

11. Mom is loving, but shouts a little

Note from my 8 year old ? #kidssaythedarnedestthings

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12. A kid who sticks to the rules

13. All play and no work makes kids a little rusty

14. Priorities

15. When you don’t laugh hard enough at their jokes

16. Super speed has limitations

Creativity and wit come in small packages. Kids say and do funny things without planning—it’s a natural occurrence. Though, sometimes their brutal honesty can be a bit harsh, it’ll usually be funny in hindsight.

What silly things have your kids said?

Wendy Jessen

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