16 hilarious protesters that are doing it right

Sometimes you just need to lighten the mood.

The world is pretty tumultuous (don’t you love that word? I love that word) right now. Protests on every corner. Riots breaking out across the world. For plenty of reasons people are getting pretty upset. Immigration, inauguration, terrorism, politics, feminism, racism – the list goes on and on.

Sometimes it’s important to laugh a little.

Here are 16 protesters that understand that concept.

DISCLAIMER: FamilyShare does not affiliate itself with any political party or activist group. This list is not meant to be a political statement. It is purely for your enjoyment. Any opinions from the photos’ original posters are exclusively their own.

1. His transparency is noted

2. Ugh, don’t we all

3. Speaking of ‘Ugh’

Ugh. #WomensMarchBoston #WomensMarch #bostonwomensmarch

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4. When your mom asks you to bring in the groceries

5. Mind blown

6. Here’s to just wanting to feel included

7. I’m not British, but this is harsh

David Cameron Likes Nickelback #protestsign #funnyprotestsigns #ukpolitics #davidcameron #ukparliament

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8. Everybody is thinking it, he’s just doing something about it

9. That’s how you know things are getting desperate

10. Wrong place, wrong time

11. Not sure what this is one is all about, but I love it

12. Uh, YES

13. I’ve got a bad feeling about this

14. Don’t we all

15. Somewhere this man’s children are embarrassed by this pun

16. But no matter what happens, just remember …

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