15 unique wall decorations that will brighten your home

A family portrait isn't the only thing you can decorate your house with.

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There’s nothing better than redecorating. There are endless possibilities for how a room can look and is unique to each personality. If you want to change things up in your home but don’t know where to start, look no further than these 15 creative wall decorations. Add a bit of your own personal touch to each one and your home will stand out from all the others.

1. Honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb (or hexagon) shelves like these will add a little fun to your home. They’ll allow you to display your favorite things in a flavorful way.

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2. Tapestries

Tapestries come in many different designs. They add vibrance to your home that’s unique from the traditional family picture. You can find tapestries like this one on Amazon for $13.39 or Society6 where you’ll support artists from around the world.

3. Framed art

A person’s taste in art is subjective. Displaying your favorite, unique art pieces in your home shows your personality and differentiates your home from others. It’s also a great talking point when you have guests over.

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4. Mirrors

Mirrors are a perfect way to make small rooms look bigger. They brighten the room, and when placed in a cool frame like this one, adds a unique look.

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5. Corkboard

If you have a family who is always on the go, tack your notes, miscellaneous photos and kids’ artwork to the corkboard to display a collage of colors and creativity

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6. Indoor planters

Wall planters come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the look you want for your home you can choose one shape over another. But there’s no denying a little bit of green will add some life to your place.

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7. Maps

Adding a map to your wall would be a great thing to display if you love to travel. Maps come in many different forms and mediums, giving you lots of choices. Display a map like this one for artistic purposes or hang up a map labeled with all of the places you’ve traveled.

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8. Customized prints or quotes

Displaying a customized print unique to your family is a big hit in modern homes. The same can be said for displaying motivational quotes. They’ll inspire you every time you leave and come home, and all those who come through your house.

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9. Hexagon wall decal

Add a little geometric life to the room with shapes and patterns like these hexagon, mirror wall decals. There are many different decals to choose from, but these hexagons would add variety to any room.

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10. Chalkboard Contact Paper

Turn your walls into material you can draw on with this chalkboard contact paper. They’re perfect for hanging in kids’ rooms to let their imagination soar, also to use in the kitchen to leave notes for family members.

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11. Wall mural

Whether painted on the wall by an artist or stuck on the wall like the mural pictured, the you’ll feel like you’re somewhere far away in the comfort of your own home.

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12. Photo display

Stacks of photos you’ve printed or received from friends and family are beautifully displayed with this photo organizer. Pictures are easy to replace, which makes this display unique.

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13. Non-traditional family portrait

Display your family tree more literally. This wall decal allows you to decorate a tree with pictures of your family. To show all the branches of your family on one wall, this decal is perfect.

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14. Scrabble lettering

Show off your family’s favorite words with Scrabble lettering. Change up the words to your last name, your kid’s names, or words that simply describe your family. It’s a nice piece to add to your home that everyone will love.

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15. Abstract shelving

Display more than just images on your walls with fun, abstract shelving like these. It’s unique and different and certain to spruce up your home.

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Do you use other unique decorations in your home we haven’t listed? Let us know in the comments!

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