15 tweets that show what it’s like to live with depression

Depression affects many people, but it's hard for those who don't have it to understand what it's like to live with it.

People feel sadness, loneliness, anger, defeat, bitterness, insecurity and many others emotions, but none of these sum up depression. Depression is a mental illness that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Here are 15 tweets that show what it’s like to live with depression:

There’s no on/off switch

Depression is the mind fighting itself. The part of the mind that wants to be happy is dragged down by the part that isn’t chemically inclined to be happy.

Depression can make you feel like it’s not worth it to explain what you’re feeling

It feels like an infinite loop. It seems impossible to find a way out

Depression convinces you it will never get better than it is right now, and right now isn’t that great

We try different things to try to lift our mood, but they don’t always work

Depression tells you you can’t do the things you most want to do, like go to school, succeed in careers or have meaningful relationships

Sometimes we try to outrun depression by staying busy, or distracting ourselves with a long to-do list

Having depression is like being trapped inside your own head with a bully, all day, every day__

Over time, depression can become all we know – all there is is “less depressed” and “more depressed”

When you’ve been depressed for a long time, it almost feels wrong to feel good because you don’t believe it could possibly last

It’s hard for people with depression to reach out for help

It’s hard to feel like we add anything to the world around us

But even though it feels impossible to remember sometimes, you are needed

Darn that chicken of depression

Depression is hard, but there is always hope. If these tweets describe you or a friend you know, learn how to get help here or call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Chelsea Rutter

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