15 perfect #ParentingProblems tweets that’ll make you laugh

Because every parent can relate on some level.

Parenting isn’t the easiest job around, and it rarely goes as planned. But it does provide some pretty great laugh-out-loud moments along the way that make it totally worth it.

1. I’m pretty sure 75 percent of my day is spent waiting for my kids to do simple tasks

2. I play Whack-A-Mole every night — except it’s kids that keep popping out of beds

3. Over-achieving parenting vs. reality parenting

4. Life is hard. Don’t make it harder by dirtying extra dishes

5. When you just need a treat, but don’t wanna share

6. Some may call my parenting style hypocritical. I call it survival skills

7. Sorry about the mess, but we do actually live here

8. Planning is futile

9. What you think should happen and what actually happens, are two totally different things

10. Ransacked? No; we just have kids

11. Oh, don’t you want a real job? Um ..

12. Child: “I looked everywhere.” Parent: “I bet I can find it in less than one minute.” finds the thing

13. No amount of make-up helps

A glimpse of my life #ilovebeingamom#truestory#momsdontsleep

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14. I’d rather be Goldilocks

15. Kids love their parents, even if they don’t admit it

Wendy Jessen

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