15 innocent pranks to try out on your spouse

Test your spouse's patience with these little pranks.

Prank wars can get pretty crazy nowadays, but if you’re just looking for a little fun with your spouse, take a look at these pranks. They’re fairly harmless, but are sure to cause some hilarious frustration.

1. The wake up call

2. The ketchup cup

The next time you’re out to eat, wait until his/her shake is almost empty and stealthily drop a full ketchup cup inside. Make sure to reposition the straw. Gross.

The original ketchup and a cup for when your friend goes to the bathroom? | Stay smexy ??

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3. The good ole’ rude awakening

4. For your next road trip

5. Cheese powder in the orange juice

6. The broken plasma screen (your husband is going to die)

If you know how to hook a computer up to a T.V. (HDMI cord or Apple T.V. work great), just throw this kind of image up on the screen. A simple Google image search should do.

7. That fresh, clean feeling

Partially refill the toothpaste tube with mayonaisse. Enough said.

8. The horizontal shower

If you have a spray hose next to your faucet, wrap a rubberband around the handle so it stays on. The next time your spouse tries to turn on the faucet, they’ll get a nice horizontal shower. Oh, and it works great on your kids too.

9. When she finds out, run

10. Minty fresh!

11. The most vulnerable seat in the house

12. Cream cheese deoderant

13. The broken mouse gag

Watch while your husband spends the next half hour trying to fix the computer because, for some reasons, the mouse won’t work.

14. Worst case scenario: Your spouse doesn’t realize this is a prank

Replace the vanilla filling in your donuts with mayonnaise. Gross.

15. Carameled onion

Slip an onion into your apple lineup and wait for the glorious moment when your spouse takes that first bite.

David Snell

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