14 sassy test answers from kids that are pure genius and downright HILARIOUS

Every one of these kids deserve an "A" for creativity.

If you have kids then you know the kind of wildly funny things they come up with. They truly are the comedic geniuses of our time and these test answers prove it.

1. When all else fails …

This one will always be a classic… #lifeofateacher #justsayin #funnytestanswers #mathteacherprobs

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2. Teachers really need to start coming up with harder questions

#funnytestanswers ? I've always thought that in math whenever it asks me that. Look for more funny test answers everyday!

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3. When your mom is Beyoncé and you’re just trying to take a test

Saturn is single lol #putaringonit #saturn #beyonce #ring #funnytestanswers #testanswer

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4. I already told you, “I’M NOT INTERESTED!”

5. Just trust me on this one, Abe


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6. What? It did.

#funny #test #fail #testfail #funnytestanswers #funnytest

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7. This kid is definitely going places in life


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8. Duhhhhhhh


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9. At least they eventually got the math right

10. Nailed it

11. Future dietician in the making

???? #funnytestanswers #school

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12. How can you deny this logic?

True…lol #funnyanswers #funnytestanswers #water #ice #feleciasfavs

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13. Critical thinking skills: LEVEL 100

14. Jackie, you’re my hero

Why didn't I ever think of this? #funnytestanswers

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