13 brilliant mom hacks you’ll immediately adopt

If you've ever needed a solution to your mom problems, these mom hacks may be just what you need!

Moms have to be pretty creative to get anything done, especially with kids in tow.

These moms came up with some pretty ingenious ways of solving their busy mom problems, and they’re actually really good ideas!

1. Cereal: it’s what’s for dinner

??? #momhacks #cereal #dinnerisoverrated #fendforyoself #takinthenightoff #offduty

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2. Kids aren’t the only ones who can use a seatbelt

Real reason for extra seating #toddlersofinstagram #minivan #superjewlatina #momhacks #icarriedawatermelon

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3. Basket + blanket = baby playroom

Who knew that a laundry basket covered with a blanket and filled with toys would bring a baby so much joy?

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4. When you’re in a hotel with no microwave and you need to heat up food for your child

5. Silly Putty is still relevant and the best thing ever

6. GoGurt with a straw

Use straw for these squeezable messy yogurts! #momhacks ?

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7. The cutest way to keep shoes on the right feet!

This is a super cute idea to help@the kiddies learn which shoe goes on the right foot! #momlife #momhacks

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8. The things we do to get a little more sleep

?? thank you @reesewitherspoon #brilliant #momhacks #toddlerlife

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9. Healthy frozen yogurt hack

10. That’s one way to dry pants

11. One way to keep kids entertained in a dark car

12. When your shopping companion is tired

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13. Use the flat iron to actually iron

You know you’re a mom when you come up with tricks to get through the day. What are your favorite mom hacks?

Wendy Jessen

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