12 things women say to strike horror into a man’s heart


Women aren’t as complicated as you think. If we’re angry, we’ll let you know. You never need to guess.

If you hear any one of these 10 phrases, buckle up, because you are in trouble…

1. “We’ll talk about this later.”

And believe me, you will.

2. “Was there something you wanted to say to me?”

You probably need to apologize.

3. “I’m fine.”

Actually, she’s not. That is a lie.

4. “You forgot, didn’t you?”

Time to go find a beautiful bouquet of roses and some chocoloate.

5. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

She does, just not right now. Let her cool off for a bit.

6. “Nothing is wrong.”

If it seems like something is bothering her, there is something wrong.

7. “Did you hear what I just said?”

If you didn’t, then your follow up line should start with, “I’m sorry…”

8. “How do you feel about our relationship?”

Tip: “Good” is not an adequate answer.

9. “I’m not angry, I’m just…”

She’s angry. You probably figured that out already.

10. “You did what?”

You better have a good excuse.

11. “We need to talk.”

Don’t worry, it’s probably not as bad as you think it’ll be. Eh, nevermind, it is.

12. “It’s your choice.”

This one is a trick. It’s not actually your choice. Your choice is to choose her choice.

Katelyn Carmen

Katelyn Carmen is a freelance content marketer, writer and graphic designer. She loves her husband, family, friends and faith.