12 posts you need to share with your best friend right now

Can you relate?

Every friendship is a little different. Some people you connect with instantly, others take more time. Some friends are more serious, while others are the perfect laughing partners. No matter who you call your best friend, these 12 memes are incredibly relatable and just a bit hilarious.

1. Crazy friends make the best friends

2. Put up with your friend’s random singing

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3. This is a sign of being comfortable around each other

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4. If it’s not one of your friends, it’s probably you


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5. Friends goof around together

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6. Are you a first-hand witness, or do you just know the stories?

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7. When you find the other half of your soul, hold on to that person

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8. You know your friend really well when …

9. You can never have too many BFF photos

10. Everyone needs a person like this

11. Even if you were just talking to each other earlier that day

12. No greater therapy than talking with an understanding friend

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Who’s your best friend? Do you have more than one? These are the people who belong in your inner circle; the ones who will keep your secrets, cheer you on, cry with you, laugh with you, give you the benefit of the doubt, and be there for you no matter what. These type of friendships are best because acts of kindness are mutual. Remember to also be a best friend to those around you.

Wendy Jessen

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