12 delectable ways to eat a watermelon

You can’t have summer without watermelon.

Watermelon is sort of a pain to haul home and crack open, but the juicy fruit inside makes it so worth it. Chopping up a green and red melon is a must-do in the summertime. Eat all the watermelon you can in these 12 tasty ways before the season’s over:

Dish up watermelon pudding

Curious? Get Food52’s 3 ingredient recipe.

Stir up a tangy lemonade with watermelon ice cubes

Admit it; you wish you had thought of it earlier…Make up for lost time and use this recipe.

Spoon up some icy watermelon sorbet

It’s basically edible airconditioning; “A Sweet Pea Chef” gives you the step-by-step here.

Whip up a cool watermelon an aqua fresca

You’ll want to drink the whole picher, so I suggest doubling the recipe.

Toss together a watermelon salad

Feel free to use Food52’s recipe, or make up your own.

Grill your watermelon

Refreshing as ever. #grilledwatermelon #watermelonsalad #fuegogrill @organicauthority

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Find out how right here.

Make it part of your service wear

Brit & Co walks you through the whole process, but it’s up to you when it comes to deciding what to put inside your edible centerpiece.

Freeze some (adorable) watermelon and kiwi pops

Almost too cute to eat … find out how to knock the socks off your guests right here.

Pour a glass of watermelon, basil and lime juice

Sunday Afternoon Treat: Fresh Watermelon Juice and Mint from the Garden. ???

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Cool, refreshing and simple. Look up the recipe and see for yourself.

Sip on a watermelon and coconut-lime slush

Bonus points: serve up your cold slush in a hollowed out watermelon like the minimalistbaker.

Stack up dozens of watermelon fruit leathers

This blogger walks you through exactly how to make this delectable watermelon treat.

Or, slice it up and go to town

Watermelon + Daycia series 3.

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No judging, promise.

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