10 ways to reignite that fire in your marriage

You're past the honeymoon phase, so now what?

When you and your sweetheart said your “I do’s,” you probably believed the honeymoon phase would never end. But as that busy life crept in on the two of you, the fire you two once shared has calmed down to just a few burning embers.

That’s not to say you two aren’t still completely in love, but life gets busy and priorities change. Even when responsibilities seem to take over, there are still ways to keep your relationship at the top of your list.

Here are 10 ways to reignite that fire in your marriage:

1. Get a little spontaneous

Whether that spontaneity is in the bedroom or on a fun date night, don’t be afraid to try something new.

2. Relive your first date

In fact, relive all the monumental moments in your relationship. Go to the restaurant where you shared your first date, sit on the patio where you shared your first kiss, feed the ducks at the park where you first said “I love you” and revisit the trail where he proposed. Sparks will definitely fly.

3. Build your dream house together

OK, maybe not literally. Pull out some construction paper and lay out the house you two dream of sharing one day. Don’t be afraid to get specific- is your home settled up against some pine trees on a secluded mountain or is it right against the beach on a popular California beach?

4. Go camping

Even if it’s just in your backyard, even if you hate camping and have to bring a high-quality air mattress, get out of the house and under the stars for a night. There’s something about sharing a cozy tent with your sweetheart and toasting some marshmallows over the fire that just invites romance into the air.

5. Do something that scares you

Go skydiving or ride that terrifying roller coaster. Or maybe you can go a little smaller and try some raw fish for the first time. Whatever it is, facing a fear is sure to bring you two together.

6. Go on a random honeymoon

This can be as cheap as you want. You can go big and take a cruise to the Bahamas, or you can go on a staycation and stay in that hotel two blocks from your home. Whatever it is, take time to make it romantic and special- for no other reason than you love each other.

7. Have lunch together

Instead of eating lunch at your desk like you usually do, take advantage of your lunch break and meet up with your spouse for lunch. It’s a sweet, fun way to take a break from responsibilities to spend time with your favorite person.

8. Have a sleepover

…somewhere away from your bedroom. Be kids again for a night! Pull your mattress into the living room, build a blanket fort and fall asleep watching your favorite childhood movies.

9. Try something new

Check out all the classes your local community center offers and try out one or two. Take a cooking or sewing class together.

10. Go on a first date

This is a fun combination of silly and romantic. Get to know each other as if you’ve never met before- as if you don’t have a babysitter watching your kids at home. If you want, you can take it even more seriously by having your husband leave while you get ready, and “pick you up” when you’re ready to go.

As life progresses, your relationship is bound to change. Love is constantly changing and growing, so you can take that and use it to your benefit. If you continue to make your relationship your priority in life, all those changes will be for the best.

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is a member of the FamilyShare content team. She studied Communication with an emphasis in journalism. She loves photography and finding a good book to read in her hammock on a sunny, breezy day.