10 ways to know if your marriage is living up to it’s fairy-tale beginning

We all look at our reality and ask ourselves: "Is our love a good match still?"

Cinderella’s shoe was returned, Rapunzel was saved from her tower and Sleeping Beauty was awakened from her curse. This was made possible by a handsome young man who came into their lives and saved them from what was a terrible fate.

These princesses displayed how happy and perfect the beginning of a relationship is. Their love helped improve their life in major ways like leaving an abusive home, waking up from a depressing sleep or escaping a controlling relationship.

What next?

We have all wondered what happened next. Fan fiction has helped us fantasize about what their kids would have looked like and where they would have lived, but what we all were really wondering is “Are they still happy?” Was reality a good match with a man of their dreams?

Then we look at our reality and ask ourselves if our own love is still a good match. Here are 10 ways to know if your marriage is living up to its fairy-tale beginning:

1. You have learned to forgive

We don’t always see eye to eye with our partners. However, a true fairy-tale couple is able to see past the wrongs their partner has done and forgive them. You want to still make things work even if they make a few mistakes.

2. You love to snuggle

Relationships thrive on signs of affection. Touching is an obvious sign of affection. You are in a healthy relationship if you still want that physical touch and if it comes naturally.

3. You make up after a fight

You know you have a good marriage if the best part of your disagreement changes from “I have to get my idea out there” to “I’m sad we disagree, and I just want us to be friends.” This shows that your love for them outweighs your pride.

4. You often say “we” instead of “me”

This one is huge! You have moved from a singular person to the two of you being a unit. Being united in a marriage is one of the most important things in a fairy-tale marriage. You are not longer saying “I have decided,” but rather “we decided.”

5. You want to be better for your spouse

Everyone is always changing and growing. When you want something to change, you are the only one who can make the change actually happen. That doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t need to change too, but when you have moved from wanting your spouse to change everything to working together to better your marriage, your relationship is in a good place.

6. You don’t mind doing the dishes

There always seems to be a chore battle when you live with someone. If you are living in a fairy-tale marriage, you are not keeping score. You aren’t worried about if it was you that did the dishes last or if it’s his turn to take out the trash. You don’t mind serving your spouse; in fact, you are excited for the chance to take care of them.

7. You are honest

You don’t have anything to fear in a relationship where you know you can be honest. You feel comfortable confronting your spouse about issues and then are willing to work together to improve.

8. You tell them all your secrets

Your relationship is built on more than just your household logistics or the children. We often guard our true feelings, so you know you have your fairy tale when you can fully open up to your spouse.

9. You spoil your spouse

You love to spoil them whether it’s surprise flowers for her at work or taking him to his favorite restaurant. You love to see their smile when you give them the things they love.

10. You have each other’s back

There are times when your spouse drives you crazy, but if anyone else talks bad about them or threatens to hurt them, you become a bear. No matter what, you’re always there for your sweetheart.

It is easy to start a fairy tale, but it’s hard work to keep one going. Read over this list again and see what you could do better to keep your fairy tale alive.

Christa Cutler

Christa is a part time photographer, part time writer and full time lover of life. She loves eating chocolate chip cookies and singing (but not at the same time). She has her degree in political science.