10 things your husband will never understand

He'll just never get it ...

There are certain things in your marriage that your husband will just never get. You’ll try to explain some of them over and over, but some things can never be understood, and that’s totally OK.

Here’s a list of 10 things your husband will never understand:

1. Why you have 15 throw pillows he can’t sleep on

Your husband will never understand the reasoning behind throw pillows for decoration only. Why spend money on something you just look at? To him, it just doesn’t make sense.

It's true.

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2. Why you don’t think you’re the best mom ever

Your husband sees you. He watches your care for his children in a way only a mother can. He doesn’t understand how you’re so hard on yourself when it comes to parenting because you’re doing an incredible job.

3. Why you keep wearing those shoes that kill your feet

I have a pair of shoes that I wear probably once every three months and I get a blister the size of a quarter every single time. My husband always tells me not to wear them but I do it anyway because I love them. He may not understand why you do it but when he tells you not to wear the shoes, he’s only looking out for your comfort because he hates seeing you in pain.

4. Why you won’t just order what you want

You go to a restaurant, order a salad then proceed to eat all his fries and a few bites of his burger. He doesn’t get why you won’t just order what you want. If you did, both of your meals would be more enjoyable.

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5. Why you don’t think you look fabulous in that outfit

You are the most beautiful thing in the world in the eyes of your husband. When you don’t feel your best, he can’t comprehend why.

Every day becomes the best day of my life with this Beautiful Girl.

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6. Why your makeup is so expensive

Depending on what type of makeup you wear, it can get pricey. First off, he thinks all makeup is created equal and one brand isn’t any different from another. Second, your husband probably doesn’t even understand why you feel the need to wear makeup in the first place because you’re absolutely gorgeous without it.

7. Why your period makes you cry

The struggle of period emotions is so real. One minute you’ll be laughing and the next you’ll be sobbing uncontrollably because something reminded you of the end of “Toy Story 3.” Your husband will be there to console you when this happens, but he might be a little scared.

8. Why there is hair literally everywhere

The first six months of my marriage, my husband probably asked me 300 times where all the hair was coming from. We’ve been married almost two years now and he still asks me occasionally, and I don’t think he’ll stop any time soon. He won’t understand how you still have so much hair on your head, but so much stuck in the vacuum at the same time.

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9. How he could love someone so much

In a healthy marriage, there isn’t anything quite like the bond between husband and wife. If your marriage is in good shape, your husband will ask himself every day how he could possibly love someone as much as he loves you, and his love for you will continue to grow every day.

10. How he got so lucky to have you

Your husband is so grateful for you. He doesn’t understand how he ended up with someone so incredible, but he’ll spend every day trying to show you he loves you. You’re the most important thing in his world.

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As much as we like to think we have it all together, we don’t understand some of these things either. Although women can be confusing and have some quirky habits, we’re grateful for the unconditional love and patience we get from our husbands.

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey loves traveling and shopping, and her favorite place in the whole world is Disneyland. She also loves spending time with her family and cute husband. She is studying Professional and Technical Writing and is part of the content team for FamilyShare.