10 memes that explain that perfectly awkward moment when you get caught

Have you ever been doing something and gotten caught in the act? Signing in the shower? Skipping school? Check out these tweets from people who got caught.

We’ve all been caught doing something that we probably shouldn’t have been. Getting caught can often be met with embarrassment or negative consequences.

These hilarious tweets illustrate some pretty interesting instances of getting caught:

1. But hey, at least you got the spelling right

2. When you don’t want to go out, but mom blows your cover

3. When you can’t call each other out because you both just got caught

4. And then the neighbors were hurt because they weren’t invited to the party

5. Cheating is bad, but this is pretty funny

6. I may not eat three meals a day, but check out my new outfit

7. Don’t break the diet pact

8. Every little girl ever

9. Surprise! The cops are here, too

10. Keep tabs on your tabs

The moral of the story is, if you don’t want to get caught doing something, then you shouldn’t be doing it. But by all means, go on singing and dancing in the kitchen or shower, talking to yourself and making weird faces in the mirror because everyone needs a good laugh when you do get caught.

Wendy Jessen

Wendy is a regular contributor for familyshare.com and does media reviews. Website: https://survivorshopeandhealing.wordpress.com/ for victims of sexual abuse. Blog: https://wendyejessen.wordpress.com Twitter: @WendyJessen