10 hilarious halloween costumes for your pet

Our pets might hate us when we play dress up with them, but we don't care. We do it anyways, especially for Halloween.

You wouldn’t want your pet feeling left out on Halloween while the rest of the family is all dressed up. Let these ideas give you some options for what your family pet should be this Halloween:

You can’t go wrong with dressing up your wiener dog like a hot dog…Ever

Dress up your pet with our $8 hot dog costumes.  #kmartaus #kmartaustralia #kmartpets #petcostumes

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The dynamic Batman and Superman duo is perfect for your pups

When your kids want to get dressed up for #ComicCon, you can't say no. . . #NYcc2016 . . #Cosplay #NYCC

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He loves his new costume!

Your own little reindeer is just too adorable to pass up

Is this Frenchy puppy in reindeer costume not adorable?? #frenchbulldog #puppy #petcostumes

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A taco running around is a win-win for everyone

Spicy! Checking out Halloween looks while shopping for a new bed. Is the "taco" me? #puppylove #dogsofinstagram #halloweencostume

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Your turtle might be able to win the best costume award

Guess we know who this guy is voting for

Nixon & Checkers, move over! ?? We found Donald the Dog! ?? [PC: @Pinterest] Shop pet costumes through the link in our bio!

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The bumblebee is a winning costume

Even your neighborhood squirrel is looking forward to dressing up

Your pets will love whatever you put on them

While your pet might act like a diva, they secretly love being all dressed up in whatever costume we can fit them in….right? They do look adorable and we love getting a good laugh out of it!

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